More than a century ago our ancestors migrated from the fertile rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. Seeking opportunity in America, they settled in a little known southern California area called Rancho Cucamonga, where the land was inexpensive, the soil rich and water plentiful. Planting a vineyard was no easy task. A lot of hard work and love went in to building their dream. It took time for the plants to mature. When the grapes were ready it took time for family and friends to pick them. Some of the grapes picked were delivered to the local winery. But many were made into wine in a barn behind the old ranch house. The wine was always shared with famiy and friends. Money was never the motivation behind the wine-making. Rather, the idea that we can share something we love with friends is what has inspired our family through the years.

As the years have gone by most of the agricultural land has been developed to housing & industrial parks much like a lot of small towns.

Today our fourth generation family, now lives in Templeton California on the central coast in the Paso Robles appellation. The rolling hills, warm days and cool nights are not that much different from that of Tuscany. The soil and climate are perfectly matched to grow the most incredible grapes for our family of fine wines.

We hope that you can visit our small winery and Vineyard soon or visit us on line and become one of our family of friends.